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WELCOME to the Engler Career Group


Are you looking for a job, changing careers, perhaps facing a downsizing or returning to work after having children? Or, are you not sure where you want to take yourself and your career?


We Can Help.


We work with young, mid-career and late-career men and women around the country to help them "find rewarding work, not just a job". We have been doing this for over fifteen years after a thirty year business and executive recruiting career. We know what works for you.


We work to  help you strategize your career options and create the right Career Success Action Plan for you and your success. We update your resume and create your bio which tells your unique and interesting story. We help you Identify and connect with the Right People and the Right Companies who need YOU for the Job that is Right for YOU and YOUR CAREER SUCCESS !    


             FOUR KEY STEPS: 


- Identify your primary interests, job needs and unique values who you really "are" and what you need for career success and satisfaction.


- Create the RIGHT TOOLS to inform and impress the people who Need You. These include a stronger resume, a powerful Bio, a Target Company List, outreach emails and voice-mails and more.


- Build the RIGHT ACTION PLAN to contact and meet the right people at the right companies for you.


- Take the RIGHT ACTION on your PLAN to get the right job at the right company for you.


with plans, ideas and client case studies


This is the go-to book for men and women of all

ages and professions who are seeking a new job,

a career change or simply want to strengthen their

career path.


Everything I know and believe is in this 160-page

book that will prove invaluable to job or career-seekers of any age and profession.


Check the book reviews on Amazon for what others think!

     FREE 30-Minute      Phone Call to See    How We Might Help!

Why the Engler Career Group?


The Engler Career Group is a unique and effective resource for executives seeking highly experienced career coaching. We are committed to helping CEO's, Executive Teams, and Individuals learn important truths about yourselves, your lives and your careers, and take effective strategic action to pursue the best opportunities for you, and your company.

Peter Engler applies his first-hand knowledge of how to navigate the career maze based upon over twenty-five years as a senior marketing executive in New York and San Francisco, nine

years as a retained search executive partner conducting VP and C-level searches, and ten

years as a certified executive career coach. He has used his business management, recruiting,

consulting and career coaching experiences to help over three hundred executives

(and college grads) from across the country, at all points in their careers, achieve Career Success.

Please explore our website and BLOG to learn more about our executive career coaching practice, client success stories, the career-building tools we offer, the key steps in a successful job search, and helpful hints (see article on “45-Plus Career Search Advice”) on how to be more fulfilled, happier and successful in your business and your personal life!

Career Strategizing

With our support, you will implement your Action Plan with energy and confidence, targeting and reaching the right people at the right companies for you, companies where you truly "deserve to work" based upon your unique qualities, talents and interests.

The Birkman Method

In order to better succeed in your personal and professional life, you have to really know yourself; your true interests, goals, behavior, needs and causes of potential stress . You will then know where to focus your energies in shaping your career direction and actions.

Advice for 45 Plus'ers

At this point in your career, you are now an "expert". Understand, express, have confidence in and promote yourself on the  basis of your "unique value profile" to opportunities that make the best sense for you, your talents and your goals.

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