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“Our conversations, based upon the Birkman Results and several meetings, have opened my eyes to the reasons why I want to change careers and how to go about finding one that will be more satisfying at this point in my life." - David, Attorney



 “Peter was able to help me understand the reasons for choosing a technology career over a medical career and provided support that helped me become happily employed as a computer consultant.”

- Jon, College Graduate



 “Peter worked with me through my transition to an exciting new job at one of the country’s major food chains, and played a key role in 'on-boarding' me to ensure that my first few months were productive and successful.”- Cindy, CIO at a Major Corporation



“There are too many items to list them here, but Peter’s insights into me and my goals, his guidance as I

initiated my search for my next position, and his knowledge of the best process to achieve happiness in my

career have been invaluable.” - Felix, GM at a Municipal Water Company



“When I was evaluating my years as a retained search executive, Peter helped me, through the Birkman

Testing and subsequent meetings, to understand that I was really in the right place.  Importantly, he helped

me understand, very clearly, why I was in the right profession.  This has given me renewed energy and my

level of job satisfaction has rebounded.” - Amy, Senior Executive Recruiter



“I am a Manager in a large hotel chain responsible for major relationships with travel agents and companies. 

Working with Peter, I have learned how to better leverage and apply my strengths and talents to my job. 

That makes me feel a lot better about the job and myself.” - Howard, Hospitality Financial Executive



 "Peter coached me to consider Linked In before it was a going business. I now run a Division of the company's North American business."- Kevin, a twenty-seven year old college graduate



"I am also pleased to say that this role (hired as General Manger of a major Non-profit Organization in Washington, D.C.) and this work are an ideal fit based on the goals you worked with me to set last summer." - Susan, new COO of a major east coast non-profit


These are only a few of the success stories that I have helped shape over the past fourteen years. I look forward to helping you, too!

                                                            "The Right Career Advice"

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