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The Birkman Method

Senior Executives Spend All Their Time Knowing Their Business, But Not Themselves.


“The Birkman Method results, as explained by Peter in our de-briefings, have given me critical

insights into what I really like to do, what kinds of things I do not like to do, and how to evaluate

new business opportunities with these “do's” and “dont's” in mind. I even have a better understanding

of why I have followed this career path and it has re-energized my commitment to my business.”

-Nassif, Sales Management Executive



We will help you better understand yourself, how you “show up” in group environments; your professional strengths and weaknesses; your ideal job profile; your stress zones and the behavior you adopt when under such stress.




Using The Birkman Method ( Professional Profile, one of the most insightful and accurate personality assessment tools available, Peter will interpret the results of an on-line questionnaire, discuss the implications of the results and help you identify opportunities to apply this critical learning to your life and your work.





You will learn about your true interests, jobs that people like you enjoy, important “needs” you have on the job and in your life, and insights into your stress behavior and how to avoid it.

The Birkman Method also provides information on how you (and others) negotiate and sell which are two very different events.  You will learn the key requirements that you have in both negotiations and sales evolutions and how to identify and avoid stressful experiences in both negotiations with others and in sales activities.

Most importantly, you will be provided action steps to experience improvement and change in your everyday life and professional activities. Your family, associates, friends and, most importantly, you will see results when you take the time to learn more about yourself.


People from many professions and stages of life have benefited greatly from insights gained from Peter and the Birkman Method Professional Profile study.


To set up your Birkman Profile Evaluation email:

                                 "The Right Career Advice!"

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